The low-hanging fruit

August 4, 2008 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

Joseph Jaffe discussed in his podcast Jaffe Juice #111 whether the right move was to try to convert the unconverted. It is accepted that there are always those who agree and disagree with any proposition, but that there is also likely to be a large proportion who are in that middle ground – not committing either way.
Jaffe’s view is that it is a dangerous strategy to target the low-hanging fruit in the middle ground as they have no opinion, no point of view and are least valuable. He sees it as too much effort to get these people to care.
I would challenge Joseph’s view on this (despite him being the person who actually got me interested in the social media sphere!) as I believe these people are not necessarily the apathetic and indifferent group he speaks of. Often they are the people without sufficient information or the right information to make the decision. And to ignore this potential goldmine is foolish.
I would not classify the stationery industry as particularly progressive in terms of new media. But there are certainly the ‘early adopters’ within the industry and those who would readily embrace new media as one of a range of communication tools. But new media is still in its relative infancy, hence the ‘fishbowl’ term that is used to descrive the relative few engaged within the ‘fishbowl’ in comparison to the masses. The indifferent group are likely to be indifferent due to a lack of knowledge of what these new tools can do to add value to their lives, their work, their levels of understanding, their awareness of what is happening in the market.
This is a group that I feel is worth the time and investment.


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