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A ‘can do’ attitude goes a long way

okIn marketing, sales, customer service…in fact any area of a business that has interaction in any way with the customer, a ‘can do’ attitude is half the battle.
If a customer calls and asks for something specific, for example ‘can you source me a product that is not in your core range?’, ‘how can I market your products better to the end user?’, or ‘I don’t understand how to get this service to work for me and support my business growth’, a ‘can do’ attitude will often keep the customer loyal…even if the problem can’t be solved!
All too often, the response can vary from not returning a call to a slightly abrupt ‘it’s not something we do’. There are always things which are just not feasible, but a ‘can do’ attitude around service often makes up for this and adds a great deal of value to your product or service offer.
So before you say ‘I can’t’, think ‘How can I…?’. It often makes your job more rewarding too!


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