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Bloggers v Journalists – what is the difference?

MediaBloggers or journalists…are they one and the same? ‘Media’ defined by the New Collins English Dictionary as ‘means for communicating information or news to the public’ implies that any platform that supports the art of communication, be it newspaper, TV or blog is classified as media.

All bloggers, just as all journalists were not created equal. Likewise all media are not equally valuable.

But blogs are another way in which people can consume content…an addition to the array of media available and one which may be the sole medium or one of a range of media a person wishes to consume. All this depends on the individual and their preferred method of content consumption.

Valuable, well researched content is not the sole remit of the blogger or the journalist. But blogs that deliver this value can certainly be referred to as ‘media’ in the context of this post.

And what about the ‘press badge’ question? Do bloggers merit a press badge to events? Just as with any effective outreach strategy, you need to evaluate that the voice is relevant and well read. Those appropriate to the exhibition or conference audience should be viewed as press. They are equally as valuable to the organisers, exhibitors or industry concerned.

Why do some people treat them any differently?


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